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      Homepage > About Us > Company's Statement
      Wuxi Suntech's Statement about Purchase of Modules
      Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Wuxi Suntech”) recently has received customers' feedback about the entry of low-priced Suntech PV modules into the market, which has seriously harmed the interests of customers and badly influenced the reputation of Suntech. Therefore, Wuxi Suntech makes the following statement:
      1. You should purchase a high-quality Suntech module from:
      a. Wuxi Suntech's headquarters and any branch of Wuxi Suntech around the world;
      b. Any Wuxi Suntech-authorized agent in any region all over the world (please ask such an agent to present the corresponding authorization certificate upon purchase).
      2. With regard to any module which is not purchased from any of the channels stated above, Wuxi Suntech will not undertake any quality warranty (product quality warranty or linear quality warranty).
      3. To purchase any Wuxi Suntech module, you should access to the official website of Wuxi Suntech or contact with Wuxi Suntech by telephone or E-mail for confirmation and verification so as to ensure that you will purchase a high-quality module and obtain the corresponding after-sales service.
      a. Wuxi Suntech's official website: www.www.0824y.com
      b. Customer service hotline: +86 400-8888-009
      c. Customer service email: