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      Stand with Time丨SuntechClassic Projects IV-Masdar Project of UAE

      Masdar City: A Green Oasis in The Desert

      SuntechClassic Projects IV

      We Came to Masdar of UAE


      Imagine the sight of people shuttling through the streets, boats sailing in the river, a breeze blowing from the blue sea, stirring dozens of white windmills and the sunlight hits on the blue solar panels... The images you see in the clouds can foretell what’s to come in Masdar city-an ecological city is to be built in the desert near Abu Dhabi, Capital of UAE.


      Environment-friendly City of Net-Zero Emissions Powered by Renewable Energy

      Masdar is a revolutionary concept of eco-city, which will have great impact on the future of global urban development. It will accommodate 50,000 people and 1,500 enterprises as well as become the first environment-friendly city of net-zero emissions completely powered by renewable energy. The project will provide high-quality living environment for all residents combining Arabian urban planning over a century with the latest technology. The solar PV system is the ideal solution for Masdar, because the power supplied by the solar system will match the peak of energy use at midday and Masdar will adopt innovative energy-saving technology, including electric traveling module, wastewater recycling, natural ventilation and sun shade in addition to clean generation of solar power. The 5MW power plant supplied by Suntech will provide continuous power for urban construction of Masdar and build the foundation for the concept of eco-city for future solar generation.


      Suntech’s Polycrystalline Modules Stand Out from Competitors

      “When choosing Suntech as our partner, we ensure that we will provide high-quality and low-cost clean energy solution for our customers to satisfy their power requirement. We are very glad to see that this technology is widely applied.”

      Sami Khoreiby

      Enviromena CEO & President

      In 2008, more than 30 PV products using different types of technology had been tested for practicability for Masdar project. Suntech’s high-efficiency polycrystalline module, which had passed strict test standard had become the ideal choice of Masdar project under such condition of desert depending on its sustainable and high-quality power output and low maintenance cost.



      Clean Energy-Sustainable Development

      The project was started in Abu Dhabi in January 2009, 18288 pieces of Suntechpolycrystalline high-efficient modules were all installed within 2 months. It will reduce carbon emission of 7500 tons every year after completion equaling to take 5500 passengers from Abu Dhabi to London by air and it will provide steady power output for 2400 households of Masdar. Lighting up every corner of the world with the cleanest and richest energy natural resources, the revolutionary concept of eco-city by Masdar happened to coincide with the original intention of Suntech.


      With a sky full of yellow sand, a desert is a vast stretch of land where melodious ringing sound produced by camel bells. In ancient times, The Silk Road through endless miles of desert had brought prosperity to many people. Nowadays, a clean energy revolution is rising in the desert land.