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      Suntech HIPower Max Series of 440W Module Won SNEC2019 "Top 10 Highlights" Terawatt Diamond Award

      On June 6, Suntech's new-generation HIPower 440W Monocrystalline Multi-busbar Bifacial Half-cell Module (Ultra D frame) stood out from 2,000 exhibitors in the selection of SNEC "Top 10 Highlights" and won the highest-grade Terawatt Diamond Award. Under a warm awarding atmosphere, this show came to a successful conclusion.



      Upon repeated testing, comparison and research by the technical team, the new-generation HIPower 440W Monocrystalline Multi-busbar Bifacial Half-cell Module (Ultra D frame) used the multi-busbar and half-cell design featuring larger busbar density and small intervals. Thus, even in case of debris and cracks, the power loss of multi-busbar cells will be relatively reduced and the good power generation performance will be maintained. Besides, the 158.75mm large size and 78-cell large format can lift the output power to more than 440W. A combination of double-side cells and double-glass modules can increase the generating capacity by 25%, maximizing customer benefits. To reduce weight, the module adopts the grid ultrathin physically tempered glass with a weight of 16.9kg and a thickness of 1.5mm+1.5mm, ensuring high transmittance. In terms of module installation, the module adopts the seamless assembly design of integrated frames and suites to create an appearance highly coinciding with design aesthetics. Meanwhile, it can greatly save the installation space and ensure no shade on back-side power generation of double-side modules. In addition to an excellent appearance, this high-quality product with better sustainability can also be used in harsh environments such as desert, farm and coast. We are confident that Suntech's HIPower 440W Monocrystalline Multi-busbar Bifacial Half-cell Module, with high power generation, will reduce LCOE for terminal stations and set a new trend and development direction for photovoltaic market in 2019.